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Her Jogging - Wow & Flute Remixes

Tenemos el placer de recibir en exclusiva las nuevas remezclas que han realizado los Dj’s WOW & FLUTE del tema "Her Jogging" de Slava Flash feat. Alena Lvova. Una vocal que te dejará cautivado y ha sido elogiada su remezcla por grandes dj’s.
Prestad atención a los feedbacks recibidos.

Not much to say about this song, appart from the voice being one of the most original ones ever heard in years! Absolutely original and unusual! Trust us... Especially if you imagine 'her', doing Jogging...
The piano and harmony makes "Her Jogging" a fresh piece, particular and elegant at the same time...

  • Wow & Flute SutilVox Remix
  • Wow & Flute Sutil Dub Mix
  • 4 Remixes & Acapella Dj Tool


Slava Flash feat. Alena Lvova 'Her Jogging'
(Wow & Flute SutilVox Remix)

Supported by:
Roger Sanchez, Funkagenda, Junior Jack, David Tort, Thomas Gold, David Gausa, Dj Chus, Francesco Farfa, Julio Navas & David Amo, Static Revenger, Sergio Fernandez, Nick & Danny Chatelain, Jaime Lewis, Syke N Sugarstar, Dan Marciano, Nick Terranova, Javi Mula, Junior Vasquez, Flash Brothers, Dj Escape, Denis A, Louis Puig, Matthias Menck, Corbin Dooley, Brian Cheetham… and many more!

Dj Feedbacks:
Roger Sanchez: Hot!
Funkagenda: Nice track, some good mixes.
Junior Jack: Good stuff.
Dj Chus: Wow & Flute mixes for me, love it!
Nick Terranova: Very nice!
David Tort: Wow & Flute dub mix is awesome. Full support!
Sergio Fernandez: Sounds good, thanks!
David Gausa: Great package. Full support on Sutil Sensations!
Nick and Danny Chatelain: Nice vibe.
Javi Mula: Cool new track!!! Wow & Flute versions & 2 Special are for me!! Full support!!
Junior Vasquez: Hot!!
Jamie Lewis: Going in the right direction. 2 Special Dub and Wow & Flute Sutil Dub for me.
Dean Facer (Our House Magazine UK): Really liking this….. I love the piano !!!!
Dj Escape: Nice.
Flash Brothers: Wow & Flute dub is very nice!
Syke N Sugarstar: Really cool mixes. Love it.
Mauro Ferrucci / Rob Malone (Airplane’s A&R): Download it. Sound great, Thx!
Henri Kohn (Clubstar’s A&R): Solid. thx.
Denis A: Good release! Thanks!
Dan Marciano [Radio FG / France]: NICE.
Matthias Menck [Bass Fm]: Wow & Flute dub ! all mixes well done.
Andrea Belli [105 In Da Klubb / It]: Good release!
Corbin Dooley - KXCI / USA: Wow & Flute mixes for me – tight and tasty.
Brian Cheetham [Abovemedia / UK]: Wow & Flute will work beeter on my floors though.

Slava Flash feat. Alena Lvova 'Her Jogging'
(Wow & Flute SutilVox Remix)

Creative Commons License

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