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JJ Mullor & Augusto Egea FT Jas "The Diva" (QDP033)

JJ Mullor & Augusto Egea realizan su primer trabajo para el sello británico Quadraphonic, "The Diva".
En el lanzamiento podrás disfrutar del Original Mix y de 4 Remixes, enontrando una buena diversidad de estilos para todos los gustos y pistas.
Quadraphonic Recordings

The first release from JJ Mullor & Augusto Egea with the UK label, Quadraphonic.
The Original Mix features "The Diva" vocal to full effect with chunky house beats, builds and breaks. The Sean Biddle "Upside Ya Head" Remix takes this to a whole new level giving it the Biddle treatment and injecting energy with a slice of loopy funk, whilst Chicago's Spybar resident DJ Nique takes this deep and dubby as he strips it down to a groove.
DJ Timi33 again takes it deep with sparse percussion and uses the vocal to great effect over a bumping bassline. Dave Cantatore turns in something quite unique and charming with tribal rhythms accompanied by a full Gitan melody.
A great package with a diverse set of mixes!
Quadraphonic Recordings

  • The Diva (Original Mix) 07:30
  • The Diva (Sean Biddle's 'Upside Ya Head' Remix) 06:35
  • The Diva (Nique's 'Red Carpet' Dub) 07:15
  • The Diva (DJ Timi 33 Remix) 06:01
  • The Diva (Dave Cantatore Original Gitan Remix) 06:41

El tema lo tienes disponible en el portal Beatport.com.

The Diva (QDP033)

The Diva (Original Mix)

The Diva (DJ Timi 33 Remix)

The Diva (Dave Cantatore Original Gitan Remix)

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